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She attended Mc Cluer North High School public high school for two years where, according to an interview with ABILITY Magazine, she was teased a lot for her appearance.Finnessey recounted that she "had a mullet, tinted glasses, acne and braces." The teasing made it difficult for her to focus on her studies, so for her junior year she transferred to the private all-girls Incarnate Word Academy, where she graduated in 1996. ` So, the super sleuthers are out in full force trying to figure out if Shandi and Ernesto are still dating.

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Even though tonight was the night the guys — Tim, Ben and Ernesto — were supposed to narrow their bevy of amazing ladies down from three ladies to two, Ernesto Arguello decided to make one of the most romantic overtures in this-isn’t-the-bachelor history by saying goodbye to both Alba Reyes and Kristin…then scaling the cube wall to reach his final choice, Shandi Finnessey. And, although there’s quite a bit of confusing evidence and rumors swirling around out there, my gut is telling me that they aren’t together. I know the contestants can’t say whether or not they were chosen and if they’re still with their guy, but, if Shandi were still with Ernesto, you’d think the two of them would be saying something on Twitter today, now that the cat’s out of the bag that he picks her. It’s all just Shandi thanking people for telling her they liked the episode.If we can’t piece this together before next week, I’m sure we’ll at least find out something more about their status next Tuesday. I’m really hoping my gut is wrong and that they ARE still together though because I love LOVE and Ernesto’s gesture tonight on the show was SO ROMANTIC!In the following clip at around 47 minutes Shandi talks about her relationship with Alba on the show.The gifted, Shandi started her professional modeling career at the age of six. She was born on 9 June 1978 in Florissant Missouri.In 1996, she graduated from Incarnate Word Academy and also received her degree in Bachelor of Science in psychology from Lindenwood University in 1999.

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