Courtship dating lyrics meaning

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Here we might be reminded of Carole Kings "Will You Still Love Me, Tomorrow? The inevitable happens, and the song, then spans the years, where an old lady, childless and abandoned, is reviewing her life, particularly the first and only love of her life, as she has waited in vain for the man to return.

After all, he's made promises he couldn't keep, and he warned her. For me, this song tells of a young couple during going off to fight soon and wants to tell his love that he wants her and adores her..has never made promises like this before..never will again..the song says, 'I swear in the days still left, we''ll walk in fields of gold'.....knows he will not be coming back...then after many years, she walks among the fields of gold...remembering him, her first, true love..sees the children running..are not their children, but a symbol to her of how she and her love used to, young and full of the joys of innocent love and happiness...

Some like to write lists of the qualities before they enter a relationship so as to maintain high standards and to keep it God-centered.

However the dominant thread of the song, the very first quartet of lines, the first warning, is that (She) "You'll remember me..." will be losing him, no matter what promises he makes.That leaves a very anemic understanding of sin and grace that will inevitably lead to a man-centric, works-based approach to repentance and the forgiveness of sin. As is typical of mainstream rap/hip-hop, the artist isn’t “being real”, he’s merely addressing a caricature of reality that fits beat and fills the out the stanza. the focus is on him and his career as a performer, not on preaching the Gospel to the lost and the hurting.When we lack the proper understanding of the war that wages within Christians between our fallen flesh and the Spirit, we are left completely vulnerable to a man-centric religion of works.Today is “Discernment in Music” (Di M) day here at Faithful Stewardship (2 Corinthians 10:4-6 (ESV)). We’ve covered all of the songs on the Klove top 10 and 20the Countdown Magazine charts. What we have here is another “wooing your boyfriend song”, and the only one who mentions Jesus is the featured rapper, TRU. Like I’m living for Him I’m slippin to sin I turn around and make the amends I try to fit it I mess it up and stumble again I’m takin’ this pen And writing everything so I remember just how sweet that it is Yeah man I got issues I can’t even lie My only saving grace is knowing I got You inside I’m done with (saving face) I ain’t gotta thing to hide So don’t leave me alone Keep coming day and night Don’t leave me leave me alone Bust down the door to my heart Lord it’s Your home Written by Holly Miller, Toby Mc Keehan, Bryan Fowler, Truett Mc Keehan. TRU)” by Hollyn which currently sits at #7 on the Air1’s Top 10. Fell for you first day that I met you Never dreamed that I ever could forget you But black and white make a mess When it turn to grey Sunlight came sweepin’ cross the window Rewind to the time when we were so close Got me longin’ for yesterday But Lord You, know me, so well I can be a little punk sometimes But don’t leave me, leave me alone Bust down the door to my heart like it’s Your home Don’t need no keys I’m on my knees Begging You please I’ve gotta settle this thing once and for all You got my heart my soul You can have it all I’m on my knees Beggin’ You please Beggin’ You please, Lord Don’t leave me alone Through the tears, through the pain comes a new day Blown away still amazed You pursue me Ain’t no limit to the way You love Don’t stop Lord I need You like a heartbeat Concrete Rock solid under my feet And You’re callin’ me You’re callin’ me up [Rap Lyric] I said You had me in your arms but I fell through the grasp But yep I had You in my heart but I guess I relapsed Like I’m livin’ for the wrong reasons, through the seasons Tryna fall for you but then they put me on blast It’s like I try to speak my mind because I know that I’m His And yep I try to speak my mind but it don’t fly with them kids Man if I’m not talkin’ bout the newest Nikes or releases They put the mute on me I can’t speak about my Jesus?

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