Ethan peck and lindsey shaw dating

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And in preparation, we got to chat with stars Meaghan Jette Martin and Nicholas Braun (who play Bianca and Cameron on the show) about what we can expect from the upcoming eps of : 1.

Meaghan was originally passed over for the role of Bianca, but later called back to audition for the same part, which she won with flying colors.

— which premieiered over the summer as the highest rated comedy for the network — debut tonight.

She immediately worked on another series Aliens In America after the show ended and went on to work in even more series and films.

Her movie credit includes The Howling: Reborn and No One Lives along with several notable roles in the series like 10 Things I Hate About You, Teen Spirit, Suburgatory, and Faking It.

It's clear that one sister wants to stand out and the other just wants to fit in.

Kat is a cool, smart, strong-willed, forthright feminist who is looking to save the world and get out of school as fast as she can.

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