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I wrote a little bit of documentation, I guess this might be good for the Community.

Zio PRo To (Saverio Proto) Minder on Gentoo How To Zio PRo To ENGLISH V1pre2 Minder on Gentoo How To Zio PRo To V1pre2This document tells you how to make a Zone Minder Server on Gentoo Linux I spent a couple of days reading the Zone Minder Forum to have a nice Zone Minder installation on Gentoo, so in this thread I'm trying to write down the complete guide Smile Few easy steps to install Zone Minder on Gentoo Smile First of all install Gentoo I used version 2006.1 to write the How To Grab the Live CD and make a networkless installation, installing no extra packages. Once installed modify the file /etc/You must set ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" because Zone Minder is still not stable in the Portage.

makes it easy to retrieve and update overlays for Gentoo.

In this section, we describe how to install software on Gentoo and what Gentoo's Portage and Portage tree are.And because knowing what’s going on is a requirement, the organization of the distribution is as unobfuscated as possible.For example, in any Linux distribution, you will eventually have to make configuration changes by editing some configuration file; given this fact, isn’t it reasonable to say that all configuration changes should be made in this way?I'm also not saying standardisation here is needed right now - the functionalities offered by the various distributions are too different to make standardisation possible at this point.Gentoo is primarily a source-code based Linux distribution.

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