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Eurogamer spoke with Nintendo’s Hitoshi Yamagami and Intelligent Systems’ Masahiro Higuchi about the possibility of a new Advance Wars.

When asked about a new game in the franchise, the two said: “Personally, I’d love to do Advance Wars, but since it’s harder to create relationships between its characters compared to Fire Emblem, I don’t have a clear idea of what kind of setting it could have.” – Yamagami “The Advance Wars series is one that I personally have a lot of interest in.

It’s been years since the last entry in the Advance Wars series.

That doesn’t mean Nintendo and Intelligent Systems lack interest in the franchise, however.

Clannad is a visual novel developed by Key and released on April 2004 in Japan, first on the PC and later on the PS2 in 2006 and the PSP and Xbox 360 in 2008.

With an acclaimed interactive narrative revolving around a family theme, it was adapted into an equally acclaimed anime series.

Fate/Stay Night is a visual novel that chronicles a war between seven Magi for the Holy Grail.

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Its story was adapted into a 12 episode Anime, 2 OVAs, a 2 Tankoban Manga, 6 Novels and a Radio Drama series.Nintendo kicked off the Game Boy Advance-on-Wii U initiative with three classics: the action-adventure .The game displays on both the television and the screen on the Wii U's Game Pad controller.However, while Fire Emblem - also developed by Intelligent Systems - has gone from strength to strength since those days, Advance Wars has rather fallen by the wayside, with 2008's Days of Ruin being the last entry.Nintendo's Hitoshi Yamagami served as producer on three Advance Wars titles, including the aforementioned Days of Ruin.

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